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Islington Arts Factory, Islington

Region: London

Location: North London


Manager: Elizabeth

Members: 0

Wickes local store partner(s):

Store Manager: Michael Millie

“We are so thankful for the group (of young people) giving the space so much love and attention. People have been making comments about how much a nicer space it is now. The new floor has made such and incredible difference, the way the light reflects. Now artists are more keen to use this space to display their art or to hire the space, as they were a bit hesitant before as it looked so run down. Lucy (one of the participants) did so well and we are delighted that she is still attending the teenage art classes at the centre, we hope she will be part of our young peoples exhibition at the end of the year”.

- Elenor Pearce, Director for Visual Arts, Islington Arts Factory, London.

VIY activity at the club

Work at the Islington Arts Factory Youth Club started on the 4th April 2013 and will focus on renovating and redecorating their cafe area.


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Partners Nesta Cabinet Office