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A2 Dominion Youth Group, London

Region: London

Location: West London


Manager: Charlotte Drew, Senior Community Involvement Coordinator, A2 Dominion

Members: 0

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A2Dominion is one of London’s largest housing providers. The Havelock Center in Southall, one of A2 Dominion’s community centers, is used for regular youth activities, bringing together young people from the local area.

The young people from the area will be doing a 2-week summer VIY project to repaint the main hall and repair pool tables.

VIY activity at the club

Charlotte Drew, Senior Community Involvement Coordinator, said of the project,

"It was a great experience to run the project and everyone, from external providers to local residents, are really pleased with the way the space looks. So thank you to Team VIY for making this happen!"


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